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Since 1995 XsiteD has been designing beautiful, easy to navigate websites,
generating and directing valuable visitors to websites. Could you use more clients?

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What we do

Web Design

Research proves that when a new visitor comes to your site, you only have a few seconds to impress them.

Otherwise they are gone forever. Ensure your site is designed to attract the right people and to engage with them.

Since 1995 we have been designing sites that out perform the owners’ expectations.

Xsited Web Design


Search Engine Optimization is the art of assisting a website to achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

No one can guarantee you a Number 1 or even a Page 1 ranking, because they are not Google.

However, SEO when applied correctly and professionally will achieve quite remarkable results. Results which equate to income, instantly by bringing more of the right people to your site.

Xsited SEO

Reputation Engineering

The internet can be a very cruel place with trolls, enemies and competitors who can maliciously target your brand and your reputation.

A campaign against your reputation can be devastating and cause not only loss of money but considerable embarrassment.

By engineering counter measures your reputation, in most instances, can be rescued and restored.

Xsited Reputation Engineering

Marketing Funnels

Since back in the 90’s when the internet became a necessity in all our lives it has steadily and rapidly evolved.

We used to all be thrilled to receive an email. Those days are long gone and so are the days where you can post a product photo with a scant description and price and make sales. Buyers are much more jaded now and have seen it all.

Today, sales are made via well designed and executed Marketing Funnels. Care to increase your conversion rate?

Xsited Marketing Funnels


Free traffic is all well and good but it’s not scalable. That requires paid traffic and how you get it is to advertise.

Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook are the best platforms to advertise on. Very targetable and most certainly scalable. There is a steep learning curve to achieve a positive ROI on your advertising expenditure. In any case are you in the advertising industry?

No, work on your business rather than in it, have Xsited manage your campaigns.

Xsited - Advertising

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media is part of everyone’s life now, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat are where your audience is hanging out.

It’s where they converse with friends, family and businesses. It’s where they get their news. It’s where they voice their opinion.

Their opinion matters and it sways not only their friends but strangers who read their comments. Make sure it’s positive, have Xsited manage your social media.

Xsited - Social Media Management


What Others Say


Sofitel reached out to me about organising their New Years Eve live music.

They accepted my proposal so I will be doing that this year.

Intercon also decided to turn to me to do some in-house events.

There are many more instances like this which I believe would not have happened without the website and the branding and the other input which you provided.

So, thanks a million. If there is anything I can ever do to repay you, just ask and it will be done


Exceeded Expectations! I couldn't be happier with my site from XsiteD. I was looking for a site that was a cut above a standard author website that merely offered books for sale.

Building my brand and engaging with my readers was key; something the XsiteD team immediately understood as my goals.

The site needed not only to look good but be easy to navigate and keep my visitors returning regularly. XsiteD delivered this in spades!

To say I'm XsiteD is an understatement! I strongly recommend their services.


XsiteD listened and work with us throughout the entire design process.

They understood our business and what our site was expected to do for both our business and our visitors.

Since the site launched we have enjoyed a measurable increase in site traffic, engagement and sales. We are truly “xsited” to have had such a great experience and outcome. It’s really beyond our expectations.

Not only have we used XsiteD for the web design we have also had great results from sales funnels they have built for us. They are gurus at marketing.