Prospective Client Questionnaire

Welcome to the XsiteD Client Questionnaire. This form may take a few minutes to complete. The more complete and accurate that your answers are is important. Your answers will give us the information we need to understand what your desires and concept are for your web site.

Nothing is set in concrete of course as sometimes concepts evolve with time and discussion.

The other purpose of the form is to allow XsiteD to determine if we are a good fit for you. This is important as well as we can only take a limited number of clients at any time if we are to give each of them our best care and work.

It takes time for your answers to be read, understood and evaluated. Bearing in mind we will need you to pay a deposit on completion of the form. It’s not that we want to make money from you completing a form. It’s to ensure only those who are serious prospects bother to complete the form.

If we feel unable to provide what you want or we are not a good fit, we will return your deposit immediately and wish you good fortune.

If we do accept your project, your deposit will pay for consultation and preparation of a proposal for your project. You might be thinking it’s somewhat out of the ordinary to require a deposit in order to receive a web development proposal. If you are then, you will save yourself some trouble by not going any further. Xsited is only interested in working with clients who appreciate professionalism, dedicated service, unique design and perfect development.

With over 21 years’ experience we are very confident we will delight you with our service and provide you exactly what you want, which is a beautiful, effective web site which performs the functions you need.

Still here? Great!

Move forward by completing the questionnaire below as accurately as you can and our business relationship can begin.

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